Things that Help When I’m Depressed

Madhav Malhotra
2 min readMar 13, 2021

Help others

STOP thinking

  • Do repetitive motions. Stirring something while cooking, doodling with just one shape (ex. circles), go running, etc.
  • Say tiny details in your head. Ex. “I see a brown door. I see a green plant. I see four squares on my checkered shirt.”
  • DETACH yourself from negative thoughts. Say thoughts out loud/write them down AS IF they were science observations. Ex. “I notice worrying thoughts about… I notice I was daydreaming about…”

This moment is temporary

  • I’ve had worse moments in the past. I’ve gotten through those.
  • I’ll have worse moments in the future. In my present sadness, I’m practising how to get through those.
  • I’m changing, others are changing, and the world is changing every second, minute, hour, and day. My sadness eventually HAS to fade away.

Inform myself

My self-care strategies:

  • I LOVE to learn. I can watch a 7-minute TED talk and suddenly be excited.
  • I LOVE nature. I can look at stars for a few minutes at night or water in a creek during my run, etc.
  • I LOVE my friends. Even a single email or text message makes me feel connected to them.
  • And I can always discover new self-care ideas! Ex. I recently learned that I liked to play Catan by trying it online.